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How To Buy

For each “Grade” of ryegrass seed Grass Seed Online offers “lines” of seed where stock quantity will vary depending on the original quantity of that line, less any seed already sold. Each line has a unique line number.

To buy, choose the Grade of ryegrass seed you are looking for, find a line (or lines) that suit, enter the number of 25 kg bags required (minimum of 4 bags = 100 kg) then click ADD. On the next screen click “Calculate” to determine your total delivery cost. There has been a small increase in delivery cost as of March 2017.

Once you have added the number of bags you are purchasing, calculated your delivery cost, please proceed to the “Checkout” for payment. You may then choose to set up an account with Grass Seed Online or purchase as a guest.


Secure payment is available via Visa and MasterCard only. All payments are made via NAB Transact hosted payment gateway and at no time does collect, process, transmit or store your credit card details.  A tax invoice will be produced and emailed to your nominated email address.

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